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By  Dr. Clark Chousie

GLAZED OVER: Sometimes, I go down the road to Los Bebedors and sample lectures at Bedspring Tech. By listening for bad speech habits in the faculty, I can prepare my colleagues to treat future outbreaks of language disorders.

Driving west from Underbelly to Los Bebedors can be risky in the wintertime, as roads through the Montaña Mountains can become glazed with ice.

Even worse, when Professor Lawrence Blithermore drones on about major breakthroughs, my eyes become glazed. The last time this happened, I realized that Prof. Blithermore would have said glazed over.

At the Institute for the Linguistically Impaired, Nurse Clara Dix calls the use of glazed over a symptom of Incontinent Preposition Syndrome.

Other examples are open up, patch over, swoop down, hide out, and up in here.

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