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reepThe Gallery@FOUND will exhibit the works of Mark Reep for the month of June. His show, Dreams in Black and White, will hang in the Gallery from Wednesday, June 4 through Sunday, June 29.

Reep is an artist and writer whose drawings, fiction, and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in American Art Collector, Endicott Journal, Bluecanvas, Metazen, The Word Riot Anthology, Blue Fifth Review, Fictionaut Selects, and many other publications.

His moody, richly detailed charcoal, graphite, and ink drawings blur natural and architectural elements, often in isolate, meditative, dreamlike context. Titles suggest narrative− small mysteries, abandonments and reclamations, hopes built on ruins− but leave room for wonder.

Reep says, “I draw found places. I’d call them imagined, but preconception doesn’t work for me. I value exploration, discovery at the drawing table, and I also enjoy refining detail and depth at an intimate scale– So my drawings offer viewers opportunity for close examination, further discovery as well.”

Tools used include charcoal and graphite pencils (Reep stipples a lot) and worn drawing pens (he sharpens those too). Dirty kneaded erasers, clean Q-Tips. A magnifier he forgets to use. Lately, bifocals. A self-educated artist, Reep has exhibited original work regularly for nineteen years. He is represented by Jardine Gallery, Perth, Scotland.

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