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robertson_bowserMartha Robertson received the endorsement of Senior Votes Count Monday in her campaign to unseat Congressman Tom Reed in New York's 23rd Congressional District. The endorsement was presented by Sha Na Na's Jon Bauman, aka 'Bowzer.'

"I am proud to receive this endorsement from Senior Votes Count. They understand that current and future retirees need an independent leader in Washington who will fight for Social Security and Medicare. These are earned benefits that seniors have paid into their entire working lives – and I can guarantee that if you send me to Washington, I will oppose any efforts to cut benefits or raise the Social Security retirement age."

"I love the music of the 50's – but that doesn't mean I want to return to a time before Medicare, when 35% of American seniors lived in poverty. Or before Social Security when that figure was 50%. Tom Reed's votes in Congress are designed to take us back to those not-so-good days, and Martha Robertson will vote to protect and preserve these earned benefit programs we've paid into our entire working lives. This is a clear choice. Vote for Martha!" said Jon Bauman, aka Bowzer from Sha Na Na.

This is the second major endorsement by a national seniors' advocacy organization for Robertson. Both Senior Votes Count and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare support her campaign.

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