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rayburn inmyers120Canandaigua - It was reported today that all of the candidates in the 54th Senate District had their petitions challenged;  only two of those challenges will apparently go forward because only those two had specific objections filed against them.

"We were always confident our petitions will hold up to scrutiny.  Our volunteers were diligent in collecting the necessary signatures and we have more than enough to qualify for the ballot.  It's shameful that agents supporting one candidate are challenging the legal signatures of Republican voters in the 54th district.   It's a page out of the Obama playbook when he ran for State Senate in Illinois, "said Floyd Rayburn reacting to a challenge to his petitions.

Barack Obama was able to avoid a primary in his first race for Illinois State Senate by knocking his three opponents off the ballot by challenging their petitions, winning in the courts and not the ballot box.

"The challenging of petitions business is all pretty inside baseball when it comes to politics.  It's a prime example of the Albany machine that I want to dismantle, with their endorsements and hidden money.  It's clear the state doesn't want me shining a light on corruption and holding people to account, but that's what I'm going to do," said Rayburn. With almost 500 signatures more than he needed, it would have been extremely difficult for Rayburn to be knocked off the ballot.

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