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Comprehensive Plan RevisionLansing's comprehensive plan revision reached a milestone last week when the Town Board dissolved the Comprehensive Plan Update Committee with thanks for a job well done.  The Board acknowledged committee members' service after the committee submitted its final draft September 14th.  That draft took comments made in an August public hearing and written comments into account.

"After some discussion at our meeting I asked for approval or disapproval," Comprehensive Plan Update Committee Chair Connie Wilcox told the Board.  "I took a roll call vote, and it was 10 to 2 to accept the plan as it is written.  That doesn’t mean it will stay as it is, because the Planning Board is looking at it.  The Town Board will look at it.  There may be some amendments.  Mike (Town Planning Consultant Michael Long) and I will continue to work together."

The committee's 118 page draft is not necessarily the final document, however.  It has been sent to the Planning Board for comment, and Wilcox said a final draft will be crafted to include that board's recommendations before it is submitted to the Town Board for adoption. 

"Out of courtesy we passed this on to the Planning Board," explained Supervisor Ed LaVigne.  "It wasn’t something we have to do, but I thought it was appropriate considering they are going to have to deal with a lot of the things that come across their table.  Once they make any tweaks they feel are necessary it will come to the Town Board.  We’ll have another public hearing.  From there we’ll decide whether to move forward with or without changes."

LaVigne said the Town Board would meet in a joint meeting with the Planning Board to hear its recommendations and the reasons for them.

Wilcox stressed that the Comprehensive Plan is a guide for the Town, not a law.  She noted that it can't please everyone in town, but the committee made its best effort to get input from all stakeholders so it will reflect the Town's vision as best as possible.

"There have been a lot of revisions to the plan," she said.  "I think everybody’s voice has been heard, but you can only do so many rewrites, ands, ifs, and buts.  I have stressed all along, this is not an ordinance.  It’s not a law.  it is simply a guide, and it’s a work in progress."

The update took several years to craft, going through at least two versions of the committee and two town planners.  Around 50 people are credited with its creation.  The most recent version was posted to the Town Web site this week, and a printed copy is available for review at the Town Hall.

"We had a really good committee, a really good group of people," Wilcox said.  "They put a lot of thought into it.  I had one guy tell me he thinks it’s a lot better than the last plan.  Another person, who has been very vocal about some of the changes, told me he was happy with it and ready to have it done.  All in all I think we’re in a good place with this.  It’s probably not complete and there may be some amendments, but right now we’re where we need to be."

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