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Village of Lansing Hall

Village of Lansing Trustees took another look at the 2019-2020 budget Monday, preparing the final draft for a public hearing on April 15th, after which the trustees are expected to approve the $3,255,141 budget.  Eight days later voters will go to the Village Hall to elect their mayor and two of the four trustees.  The polls will be open from noon until 9pm on April 23rd.

Mayor Donald Hartill is running for his 12th term as Mayor.  Hartill is finishing his 22nd year as Mayor, and he as a trustee before that, starting in 1989.  Trustee Patricia O'Rourke is running for her third elected term (she also filled part of Larry Fresinski's term when he moved out of state), and Ronny Hardaway is running for his second term as Trustee.  All three are running unopposed on the Community Party line.

Sample Village of Lansing BallotThis is the ballot voters will find when they go to the polls April 23rd in the Village of Lansing

This is also the season where high school students are required to attend municipal meetings to satisfy class requirements.  Hartill urged students who attended Monday's meeting to go into public service after they graduate.

"A few years from now you'll be living someplace. They'll probably need some people to man a board of trustees, the mayor's office, things like that.  I'd like you to seriously think about doing that," he said.

Monday's meeting covered a a number of upcoming projects including two potential sidewalk projects, the budget, and a water line project.

"Government is really local... how your roads get rebuilt and maintained, the snow gets removed, water comes from the right place and the other water goes to the right place," Hartill said. "That's what it's all about."

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