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Myers Park Shop

After a number of incidents at the Lansing Highway Department and Myers Park, including a burglary Tuesday night at the park workshop, Parks & Recreation Supervisor Patrick Tyrrell asked the Town Board to make funding security cameras a priority.  The cameras were on a list of projects the Town has been considering, but Tyrrell said that the burglary Tuesday underscored the importance of moving the security cameras to the top of the list. The board authorized up to $30,000 for for 18 cameras for the two locations, plus wifi upgrades in the park that are necessary for the cameras to cover the required areas.  Tyrrell said that Tuesday's incident was minor, but other incidents have been more serious.

"The only thing we lost was an older reciprocating saw, he said.  "The day before the guys took all of our ower tools and everything out of the shop, so we got really lucky."

In earlier incidents the shop, the park admission shack, and the shack at the end of the park marina boat launch were burglarized and vandalized.  Some money was stolen.  Tyrrell said there have also been incidents at the Lansing Highway Department building.  Supervisor Ed LaVigne said the cameras will also help identify other illegal activities that take place in the park.

"There are other concerns we are trying to address," LaVigne said. "Certain behavior that has become a threat to innocent people down there. Syringes were found.  A child actually got poked accidentally by a needle on the beach.  So I think this is something that would warrant us moving on this sooner than later."

Tyrrell proposed installing 11 cameras in the park, and seven at the Highway Department.  He said that some of the money would go toward improving wifi in spots around Myers Park so the cameras will be able to reliably send video to be stored on a hard drive in a central location in the park.  He added that he will also be able to view the videos on his phone.  If necessary the system was room for expansion with more cameras.

In addition to locations in the park, Tyrrell said that anyone going in or out of the Highway Department property in either direction will be captured on camera.

After some discussion about which budget line the money will come from, the Town Board voted unanimously to move the money into the Town's Technology budget line so that Tyrrell can purchase the equipment and get it installed.

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