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Meet the Candidates

Lansing community members will have an opportunity to meet candidates for the upcoming school board election on May 10 at 7:00 PM in the High School cafeteria. The two seats up for election are currently held by Thomas Keane and Bonita Lindberg. They will run for reelection against Gina Lord and Glenn Swanson.

Elections will be held in the Middle School auditorium lobby May 17 from noon to 9:00 PM. Three budget resolutions will also be on the ballot.


The first resolution is to approve the $20,007,661 budget and approve the necessary tax needed to raise it.

The second resolution would establish a Capital Reserve Fund to finance construction or reconstruction of school buildings. The district's intention is to raise this money from the unappropriated fund balance so they will not have to raise taxes to establish it.

The third resolution is to authorize the district to borrow $245,000 to purchase three 66-passenger school busses. At Thursday's budget meeting it was explained that State funding for such purchases is doled out over five years. In order to receive the funding, the district must borrow the money to buy the busses, then pay it back as each yearly installment comes from the state grant.

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