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mailmanI urge my neighbors in the Village of Lansing to vote for the Community Party candidates and incumbents, Don Hartill for mayor and Pat O'Rourke and Ronny Hardaway for trustees. They have demonstrated their commitment to serving the people of the Village.

Under their leadership, the Village has become a model for local government in upstate New York. The Village has no debt and low property taxes because of their vigilant management. Our infrastructure is maintained so that repairs are made in a timely fashion, before costs escalate. Systematic improvements, such as the addition of parks and sidewalks, are made on a schedule that keeps them within the budget.

The incumbents have demonstrated a long term commitment to the Village and they have been involved in multiple ways. Don Hartill first became a trustee in 1989 and then mayor in 1996. Pat O'Rourke was first elected trustee in 2010. She has served on the boards of numerous community organizations and local businesses. Ronny Hardaway became a trustee in 2015 after working on redesigning and building the current Village web site.

The incumbents have also demonstrated an ability to work together for the good of all the Village citizens. The partisanship of the national parties does not apply here. The Community Party was founded on, and has maintained a steadfast commitment to focus only on Village governance, eliminating the divisions that enter into politics at the levels of government above the local level.

In contrast, the opposition Lansing Preservation Party candidates: Lisa Bonniwell for mayor, Gregory Eels and John LaVine for trustees, have no Village government experience and have shown no interest in participating in our local government. They became involved only after the rezoning of a parcel of land abutting property in which they have an interest. They filed injunctions to reverse the zoning change, which the court rejected; and which they are now appealing. They have never run for Village office before and have attended Village board meetings only when the rezoning issue was on the agenda. It is hard to imagine that they will suddenly develop the motivation to learn the issues and act in the best interest of the entire Village.

Robert Schleelein
Community Party, Campaign Chair
Village of Lansing, NY
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