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mailmanDear Editor,

I have lived and worked in the Village of Lansing since 1994 and have been very satisfied with the people who have run the Village especially Mayor Don Hartill, Pat O’Rourke and Ronny Hardaway.

Taxes have been quite reasonable and expenditures have seemed prudent and well thought out. Needed projects are planned in advance and financed so as not to incur debt.

These experienced folks have shown that they are well qualified to handle the many different issues facing the Village including appropriate zoning for ongoing needed development. And they work hard to consider the best interests of all the residents of the Village not just some small minority.

I encourage you to join me in supporting Mayor Don Hartill, Village Trustees Pat O’Rourke and Ronny Hardaway on Election Day Tuesday April 25th!

Jeffrey True
Village of Lansing

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