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mailmanAs a gun owner I wish to show my strong support for a second amendment sanctuary county. With so much fervor in government to "do something", everything that has been done , and proposed,is all for show.

A few facts are in order. According to the FBI and Bureau of Justice, and other crime reporting agencies, most violent crimes are not committed with guns. Most gun crimes are committed with handguns. 93% of those guns are illegally obtained.

There are over three million guns in the U.S. by most estimates. 2016 FBI statistics showed 10,980 murders by firearm. Only 374 were recorded using rifles. 1604 were committed with knives, that's 4 times as many as rifles, yet we are seeing semi-automatic rifle bans all across the country. Mass shootings take place mostly in gun free zones.

Do gun free zones make anyone safer? Only the assailant, who is looking for soft targets and no fear of anyone shooting back. Concealed weapons permit holders are thoroughly checked by the FBI, Sheriffs' offices, local police, etc. Criminals do not go through background checks of any kind. Lawful gun owners are held to a higher standard, and are still being assaulted with over burdensome regulations that don't make anyone safer.

Gun owners obey the law. Criminals by there very nature do not. Laws won't stop anyone who is bent on evil. You can not legislate morality. With all of the emphasis being put on guns, why are so many other crimes being ignored and abetted. Yes, I do mean abetted. The government accountability office estimates that the U.S. spends between 2 and 19 billion dollars a year supporting illegal immigrants. 2014 estimates put the total at one million illegals in New York City alone. Sanctuary city and state policies protect illegals, while my Constitutionally protected rights are being decimated.

Stolen social security numbers, identity theft, illegal voting. Aren't all of these actions crimes? Non citizens are voting. The New York state voter registration forms only ask if you are a citizen. For proof just give your DMV(license number), non driver I.D, or the last four numbers of your social security number. No license, no SSN? No problem, just show a utility bill, paycheck, govt. check, or anything with your name and current address on it and you're in. How many of these voters are putting politicians in office that are trying to take my rights away?

I hold the oath I took in the military as sacred. Shouldn't our elected officials? Millions of men and women have served our country to keep us free. Don't tread on that by turning our backs on them in favor of illegal sanctuary city and state policies.

David L Sutfin
Hornell, NY

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