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mailmanIt's too bad Lansing is not in Delaware county ( Binghamton area ), about 60 miles from Lansing 200 miles from New York City. We would not be debating whether its OK to be shooting lead shot by a stream near our water supply . The decision would have already been made for us .

But NYC pays people to have tougher standards than EPA or NYSDEC. They value clean water. I am sure the NYC water supply system has a lot more water than Cayuga Lake.

For the last 40 years I have worked in big time cereal food processing, processing several million pounds of food per year. The smallest detail is adhered to, like wearing hair nets to make sure that not even the smallest hair gets in the food supply.

One tiny hair in millions of pounds of food. Its a sealed wheat processing system. The wheat never gets touched. The layman, or normal people, do not get how important these little details are.

In the case of New York City 200 miles away and trillions of gallons of water what's the problem with a little lead? They know like 'big time' food processors the smallest details matter!

Steven Smith
Lansing, NY
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