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A Letter From The Editor

Dear Lansing Star Readers,

I planned to retire at a certain age, a reasonable age in the grand scheme of things. I am five years past that goal, so I am going to finish out this year and then say farewell to the Lansing Star. You may have noticed the 'for sale' sign on our front page. We have been trying to sell it, and I am hoping that some enterprising person or people will want to continue this community newspaper. So far we have had a couple of nibbles, but no bites. So I can't say definitively that the last issue of the Star will be on December 18th, but I can say that it will be my own last issue.

My wife Karen and I have published the Lansing Star for almost 15 1/2 years. I had experience in online publishing, having previously worked for AOL (I was there during the infamous AOL/TIme Warner debacle). We both missed the Lansing Community News when that newspaper shut down in 2000, and five years later we decided to start a new newspaper, online only. Karen said our new newspaper should be an online Main Street for a community that doesn't have a physical main street, and that is what we have striven to provide.

I want to extend a special thank you to the folks who advertised over the years, and I hope they will continue to advertise if we do manage to sell it. I can't name them all in this letter, but I do want to extend special thanks to the Town of Lansing and the Lansing Central School District for advertising in the Star from our beginning through to the present. It has been an honor to be tangibly recognized by these municipal entities, as well as the moral support they have offered through the years. If you like the Star you should thank them and all our advertisers, too. They made it possible for you to read a free newspaper.

I like to joke that for most people having issues is a bad thing, but for me it's bad to not have issues. Going forward I will enjoy being part of the larger group, and wish myself no major issues.


After today's issue we have three to go to finish the 48 issue we promise advertisers each year. So we are still planning issues on December 4th, 11th, and 18th. If we can sell it there wil be further issues -- thus 'May End' in the headline.

I hope that will happen, but as of this writing I can't say that it will. We have paid for our web hosting account through April 15th, which will allow you to continue to view past articles, and will give potential buyers something to look at.

If you think this is something you would like to do, or know someone who might be interested in purchasing the Star, please share this link with them -- -- it is a web mail form where serious potential buyers may request more information.

And to all of you, a big thank you for reading The Lansing Star Online.

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