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If you thought the rules about staying at home and social distancing were confusing before, imagine what they are like now that Phase 1 of reopening is in place.  The rules were explained very clearly last month by comedienne/singer Adley Stump in her viral video "What We Should ALL Be Doing Right Now!" (see below).  We all know by now that we shouldn't go out. But if we do go out we should stay six feet away from everyone else and wear a mask.  But we should only go out if we need to, like to get food.  And when we do go to the grocery store we should try not to sneeze on the food.

So what's different in Phase 1?  For most of us, not a whole lot except more stores may be open on a limited basis.  So-called 'essential businesses' have been open all along, and except for the fact that they must now submit an application attesting to the fact that they are following state guidelines, nothing really changes for them.  Some businesses may reopen in a limited way.  Some retail stores can be open for curbside pickup only.  Oh, and the Governor opened beaches today, but not all beaches.


The Governor has posted (and updated) a Reopening Guide which has grown to 150 pages.  When I first downloaded it a week and a half ago it was only 51 pages.  So, as you can imagine, knowing what to do isn't getting any easier.  He did post some guidance for Phase 1:

Residential/Commercial Construction:

  • All workers must have masks and wear them when within six feet of another worker
  • Employers must provide masks to all employees
  • No congregate meetings

Retail Business Owners - Curbside Pickup

  • Employee and purchaser in vehicle must wear a mask, gloves preferred
  • Hand sanitizer must be made available

Retail Business Owners - In-Store Pickup

  • Requires ordering ahead - pre-arranged orders
  • Social distancing required in store
  • No more than 50 percent of maximum occupancy
  • Patrons must wear masks
  • Store employees must wear masks, gloves preferred
  • Hand sanitizer must be made available

With daily changes in state guidance, Adley's video is surprisingly up to date.

So if you aren't able or willing to memorize that 150+ page guide, here's the bottom line: "You must not leave the house for any reason.  Unless, of course, you have a reason, and then you may leave the house.  All stores are closed except those that are open..."

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