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Jeffrey BolesJeffrey Boles (right) was presented a framed copy of a resolution to rename a town ball field after him by Lansing Town Supervisor Ed LaVigne

After a 5-0 vote Wednesday, the Town Board renamed town baseball Field A 'The Jeffrey Boles Field'.  A Lansing High School alumnus, Boles has coached and assistant coached, among others, Lansing Modified Football, Modified Basketball, Modified Baseball, JV Football, JV Basketball, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Small Fry Football, the American Legion Summer League, Little League Baseball in Lansing.  Town Supervisor Ed LaVigne read the resolution and presented a copy of it to Boles after the vote was taken.

"I've been reading the stuff you do on Facebook," LaVigne said. "Do you really do all those crunches at the same time?  Unbelievable!  You exemplify what I would hope other people will do, which is to maximize your God-given talent.  Your history, written by Geoff Wright, is absolutely inspiring."

Boles was named an honorary coach to the Syracuse University Orange Basketball Team.  He was inducted into the Lansing Sports Hall of Fame in 2003.

The resolution reads, ""Despite these lifelong achievements, they take a back seat to the personality and character always exhibited by Jeffrey Boles, from being reliable, dependable, positive, and inspirational to individuals and teams he touched, duly embodying the competitive spirit, good sportsmanship, and fairness that are necessary hallmarks of school and community sports, such that even Coach Heck, Coach Neubert, and Coach Dean considered Jeffrey Boles to be the most well- liked and respected Assistant Coach in the history of the Lansing Central School District; and WHEREAS, as a lifelong contributor of significant importance to the Town of Lansing, Jeffrey Boles is a person who made a difference and single-handedly improved our community."

"I'd like to thank the Board and the whole Lansing community," Boles said.  "Thank you."

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