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bowling_120Last Saturday was the IAC Tournament that signals the end of the regular bowling season.  In this tournament  the whole league comes together to bowl.  The Lansing Boys team finished third out of the 11 teams competing.

Waverly was first followed by Newark Valley then the Lansing Boys. The top 14 high series scores were awarded which seen three of these going to Lansing Boys: Tim Carlsen 14th, Trever Rounds 9th and Joel Teitelboum 8th. This was a very fine showing by the Lansing Boys who also had two boys make Second Team All American : Trever Rounds & Troy Hradisky.

The Lansing Girls also competed and finished 7th out of the 11 teams with Vanesa Corey has there high roller of the day.

Both teams now go to Sectionals this weekend in Midway Lanes in Vestal. The boys bowl on Friday afternoon and the girls roll early Saturday morning.

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