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football small120On an unseasonably warm fall afternoon, the Lansing Small Fry Senior team opened the 2011 football season with a 26-12 victory against the Homer Trojans.  The Sunday, September 18th game at the Lansing Stadium marked the first time in Small Fry football history the Bobcats went head-to-head with the Trojans.

Leading the Bobcats are returning offensive head coach Greg Eastman and new defensive head coach Pete Walker.  Both Eastman and Walker have many years of coaching experience having led numerous sports teams at various levels.  This marks their 4th consecutive year coaching Small Fry football for the Town of Lansing.

Aiding on the sidelines is a trio of new assistant coaches:  Mike Canger, Charlie Hatfield, and Scott Pinney.  Alums of the Lansing High School football team, all three coaches bring a wealth of knowledge to the football field and are an integral part of the Bobcat coaching staff.

sff Colin23Lansing Bobcat Colin McClure (#13) scores his first touchdown of the 2011 football season as he outruns a Trojan defender. Photo by Michelle Eastman

Returning to the senior team are 9 seventh graders including captains Michael Battin, Eric Eastman, Braydon Jackson and Zack Walker joined by veterans Jonathan Duncan, Jerry Howser, Colter Pinney, Jesse Richardson, and Mickey Williams.  

Ascending from the junior team are 14 sixth graders including Aidan Allison, Owen Allison, Will Czymmek, Garrett Downing, Brandon Drake, Michael Lapar, Colin McClure, Lansing Miller, Joe Miller-Labar, Kyle Nickerson, Alex Powers, Cole Vandepoel, Jason Whiting, and Nicholas Whittaker.

Bryce Eastman, a sixth grader, was placed on injured reserve in late August when he broke his arm practicing on the grid iron.

sff HuddleThe Bobcat offense Eric Eastman (#13), Zack Walker (#9), Jesse Richardson (#24), Jerry Howser (#39), Colin McClure (#13), Michael Lapar (#26), Braydon Jackson (#84), Kyle Nickerson (#70), Jonathan Duncan (#54), Colter Pinney (#42), and Michael Battin (#85) dominated the field during Lansing’s home opener against Homer on Sunday, September 18th. Photo by Michelle Eastman

The Bobcat offense dominated the field with precise passes and swift handoffs from quarterback E. Eastman and skillful ball handling and stealth running by backs Howser, McClure, Miller, Miller-Labar and Richardson.  The offensive line Battin, Duncan, Jackson, Lapar, Nickerson, C. Pinney and Z. Walker, provided superior pass blocking and wide running lanes for their Bobcat ball carriers.

The Bobcat defense kept the Trojan offense from getting on the board at the half and held them to 12 points until game end.  Defensive linemen Czymmek, Drake, Duncan, Howser, Jackson, Lapar, Nickerson, C. Pinney, Vandepoel, Z. Walker and Williams put unrelenting pressure on the Trojan quarterback by penetrating the line and making key tackles.  Linebackers Eastman, Miller-Labar, Richardson, and Whittaker proved to be a force by limiting the Trojan’s running game.  Cornerbacks A. Allison, O. Allison, Battin, and Whiting contained the outside and provided shut down coverage on the Trojan receivers.  Cornerbacks were assisted by their safety, Miller, who provided extra protection against Trojan running plays.

Czymmek, Drake, Powers, and Vandepoel were key contributors on defensive and offensive special teams which allowed their field goal kicker, E. Eastman, to tack on 2 extra points and kept the opposition from completing 2 field goal attempts.

 sff VictoryThe Lansing Bobcat coaches and players celebrate their first win of the 2011 football season with a 26-12 victory against the Homer Trojans. Photo by Michelle Eastman

“The boys did a fantastic job.  It was a very good game and they all gave a great effort,” said Coach Eastman.  “I’m very proud of their enthusiasm and performance on the field.”

The Lansing Bobcats (1-0) hit the road for the first time in 2011 when they visit the South Seneca Falcons on Sunday, October 2nd at 3pm.

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