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sff_eastmanextrapointkickOn a cold and damp fall afternoon, the Lansing Small Fry Senior team celebrated a 34-0 victory against the South Seneca Falcons.  The Sunday, October 2nd matchup marked the Bobcat’s first shutout game of the 2011 season.

Quarterback Eric Eastman accounted for 4 touchdowns, including a quarterback keeper.  He threw 2 in the air and hit Jesse Richardson for 75-yards and Zack Walker for 45-yards.  The Bobcats ground attack was led by touchdown rushes from Colin McClure and Joe Miller-Labar and successful runs by Jerry Howser, Michael Lapar, and Lansing Miller.  The offensive line Jonathan Duncan, Braydon Jackson, Lapar, Kyle Nickerson, Colter Pinney and Walker, was impenetrable allowing Eastman ample time to make passes and providing key blocks for the backs to effectively run the ball.

The Bobcat defense kept the Falcon offense from scoring the entire game.  Defensive linemen Will Czymmek, Brandon Drake, Duncan, Howser, Jackson, Lapar, Nickerson, Pinney, Cole Vandepoel, and Walker blasted through the line and put relentless pressure on the Falcon quarterback.  The blitzing attack of linebackers Eastman, Miller-Labar, Richardson, and Whittaker caused 3 Falcon fumbles recovered by McClure, Miller-Labar, and Nicholas Whittaker and a 2-point safety by Richardson.  Falcon pass attempts were blocked and South Seneca receivers were covered by cornerbacks Aidan Allison, Owen Allison, and Jason Whiting.

sff_HuddleThe Lansing Bobcat offense scored 4 touchdowns during the October 2nd game against the South Seneca Falcons. (Shown at top) Lansing Bobcat quarterback and place kicker Eric Eastman (#11), assisted by place holder Jesse Richardson (#24), scored 2 extra points against the South Seneca Falcons.

The offensive special team including Czymmek, Alex Powers, and Vandepoel allowed their field goal kicker, Eastman, to score 2 extra points.

“Our Bobcat boys played an outstanding game,” said Coach Pete Walker, “Each one of them gave 110% and all of the coaches are extremely proud of them.”

sff_seniorlineupThe Lansing Senior Small Fry team reveled in a 34-0 victory against the South Seneca Falcons marking the Bobcat's first shut out game of the 2011 season.

The Bobcats (2-0) continue their road trip when they face the Purple Lions (2-0) on Saturday, October 8th at noon in Dryden.

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