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footballv0905_5_120The stage was full of Lansing Bobcats as many of their "Young Guns" stepped up to fill the positions of the several injured starters.  Although the jersey was sidelined due to an injury, the #5 could be seen on the helmets and wrists of many of the Lansing players. Mario Rosetti's drive and attitude were seen in many of the Bobcats as they took the field and the 24 - 14 win over the Whitney Point Golden Eagles.

Ryan Todd was a runaway truck this past Friday as he leaned forward and drove into, over and through anyone in his way.  Todd rushed for 197 yards and three TD’s on 33 carries.  On defense he had four solo tackles and an interception that grounded the Golden Eagles.  While Todd was the main tank for the Cats, he was not the only weapon in Coach John Winslow’s arsenal.  The Bobcats coaches used six running backs and three receivers to outgain the Golden Eagles by 11 first downs and over 120 total yards.

Greg Lehr has typically been the corner stone for Lansing’s defense, coming into this game with 7 solo tackles, 29 assisted tackles and one sack.  The coaches swapped him over to the offensive side of the ball and Lehr rushed for 30 yards on eight carries and had two receptions for another 38 yards.  In addition to Todd and Lehr the other backs for the Bobcats,  Tyler Winslow - four carries for 31 yards, Aiden Quest - three carries for 18 yards, Austin Candea - 1 carry, Mason Carrican – 3 carries, and Corey Dake – two carries, came at the Whitney Point Defense from all angles keeping them off balance.  Dake and Carrican shared the QB roll and combined for five completions to Lehr, Ben Rourke and Troy Osterman for a total gain of 67 passing yards. It was difficult for the Golden Eagles defense to target any one player due to the revolving door of ball carriers.

footballv0905_kickKicker, #15, Dennis Britton kicking a field goal as the linemen and backs hold off the onslaught of the Golden Eagles Defense.

For the Lansing defense, Conner Lapressi had 7 assisted tackles and John Sterle had 3 solo and 4 assisted tackles.  JD McKane, Osterman, and Zach Pinney each had 5 tackles for the night.  The team as a hole had a good night and did an exceptional job of limiting the aggressive Whitney Point offense to only 14 points and 145 rushing yards.  The penetration of the line and line backers and the coverage of the corners and safeties restricted the Eagles QB to only two completed passes out of ten attempts for 65 yards.  They also had two interceptions, one by Tyler Winslow and one by Todd.

When the Eagles Defense did stop the Bobcats, it typically gave them the ball in poor field position or ended in a successful attempt at a field goal by kicker Dennis Britton.  Britton also went 3 for 3 on PAT kicks and with the help of the special teams’ squad he pinned the opposition back near the 15 yard line on all but one of Lansing's kickoffs.

As for the unsung heroes, the ones who don't get their names in the paper or the glory of the touchdowns... they are the linemen.  These guys get hit every play, using their own bodies to protect their running backs.  Whether they're offensive lineman, creating holes for the ball carriers or on defense clawing their way to the QB they have one thing in mind... hitting and hitting hard.

footballv0905_lehrDarren Sill and # 64, John Sterle manhandle a couple of defensive linemen to create a hole for # 30 Greg Lehr to run through.

This season those linemen are Pinney, Nick Peters, Kyle Bogardus, Vasilios Avramos, Steven Fenner, Sterle, Guy Poitrus, Darren Sill, Jeff Vicedomini, and Anders Presthus.  These are the players that make the running backs look so good, give that QB or kicker just enough time, or force the opposing QB to rush his throw and give the corner back a better chance at an interception.

The Bobcats next outing is Friday, October 7th as they travel across the lake to "Battle for the Paddle" with the Trumansburg Blur Raiders.  Trumansburg is a worthy opponent and this will prove to be a fight for Lansing as they work to add another win to their record.

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