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bobcat_120The Lansing Bobcats gained a new team member Monday -- an actual bobcat.  Carl Nedrow presented the stuffed cat, which will be displayed prominently in Lansing High School's trophy case, to the Lansing Board Of Education Monday.  The bobcat is a gift of Nedrow and his nephew Patrick Tierney, both Lansing athletes and graduates.

"I've always had a dream that I would donate a bobcat to the school," Nedrow said.  "My nephew, who played on the football team, had the same idea.  He came up with this cat that we could donate.  So here I am."

Nedrow and Tierney have had the idea for years.  Tierney obtained the stuffed and mounted bobcat last year and brought it to Nedrow while visiting from North Carolina, where he now lives.  Nedrow still has close ties to the Lansing schools.  His daughter Abby Hatfield is a teacher aid at Lansing High School, and his son-in-law acts as scorekeeper for the Bobcats basketball team.  They brought the idea to Athletic Director Adam Heck and Principal Eric Hartz.  Hartz told the board he would have the paperwork needed to officially accept the gift prepared for the board to vote on at their next meeting.

"Mr. Nedrow stopped in a couple of weeks ago and we had a great meeting about what to do," Hartz said.  "I felt the donation should be officially donated."

bobcat_carlnedrow400Carl Nedrow

Nedrow was in the last graduating class of Ludlowville High School in 1948.  The next year the school moved to what is now the Lansing Middle School.  At that time Lansing teams were called 'the Trojans'.  He played baseball, football and basketball.  He stayed in Lansing, working for NYSEG for 29 years.

The Trojans were renamed in the 1950s when  a student, Linda Philip, won a contest to come up with a new name.  She married Glenn Strauf, and today owns Linda's Diner.

bobcat_1983footballThe Hall Of Fame 1983 Football Bobcats, including Patrick Tierney

Tierney graduated from Lansing in 1984.  He played on the Bobcats football team.  His 1983 team was inducted into the Lansing Athletic Hall of Fame 'Class of 2011'.

The bobcat will go on display in the Fall after a capital project to replace ceiling tiles over the display case is completed over the summer.

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