Nancy MyersNancy Myers - Photo by Anne Gorsky

Lansing Food Pantry Director Nancy Myers was awarded the James J. Byrnes Award for Excellence for her outstanding volunteer service to the community.  The award was presented on June 26th at the Tompkins Trust Company, along with 5 other individuals and two groups also receiving awards.

The awards are given each year through the Legacy Foundation in coordination with the Tompkins Trust Company.  Each award recipient is given $1,500 for them to designate to a not-for-profit organization of their choice.  Myers chose to give $100 to each of the 15 food pantries in Tompkins County.

Myers has been director of the Lansing Food Pantry since 2002 when she retired from the Tompkins Trust Company.  She is also the Chairperson for the coalition for the 15 food pantries in Tompkins County, helping to network between these organizations.  In addition, Myers serves on the Agency Advisory Board for the Food Bank of the Southern Tier as well as the Food Bank’s Mobile Food Pantry Advisory Board.

Myers has a broad based team of 45 volunteers serving our Lansing residents.  Her volunteers range in age from 15 to 90.  The breakdown of who is served by the Pantry varies seasonly, including:
  • 75-100 households
  • 116-156 are adults
  • 52-85 are children
  • 45-52 are seniors
Nancy Myersnancy Myers with her family - Photo by Anne Gorsky

The pantry is open once a month, and hosts a smaller distribution monthly called Mobile Pantry.  Nancy is always available for emergency food needs.  Myers arranges for helpful information to be distributed at the Pantry, such as recipes and advice on food preparation through the Food Bank of the Southern Tier’s program, 'Just say YES to Fruits and Vegetables'.

Two drop-off locations are at the Lansing Town Hall and at the Lansing Market.