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flight Fundraising Cabaret 2019

In an effort to break down socioeconomic barriers and support their peers, a talented group of local teens are raising their voices in song to raise scholarship money for performing arts training. Colors of Broadway: a Virtual Cabaret Fundraiser will be streamed online June 20 at 7 pm.

"Too often, those who want to pursue music, dance and acting professionally are unable to do so because of the high level of often expensive training required. Early training is essential in order to get into the top performing arts programs in colleges, but it is not offered in public schools," says Sharon Costianes, Director and Voice Faculty at Flight Performing Arts, which will administer the scholarship.

The cabaret's Colors of Broadway theme, developed by the student performers, correlates the mood of each piece with a corresponding color. The pieces are presented in rainbow order (ROYGBIV). According to Costianes, the performers chose the theme in part as an expression of the inclusivity that is at the heart of their studio work. Songs span the musical theatre repertoire, with contemporary songs like "Ring of Keys" from the musical Fun Home and "Only Us" from Dear Evan Hansen; country inspired "Get Out and Stay Out" from 9 – 5; and old favorites like "Sisters" from White Christmas.

"Their theme is celebrating how together we're creating a place to belong, to love each other whoever and however we are. Because when we allow ourselves to be seen as who we are, someone in the audience is going to recognize something of themselves and know that they are seen too. That they too belong to this human race. In all their imperfection and in all their glory," says Costianes.

Since its founding in 2017, Flight has worked to make high quality performing arts training accessible to underserved communities through scholarships, a strong focus on building community of peers for support and encouragement, and a physical location downtown on numerous bus lines. Community partners supporting Flight's efforts include The Kitchen Theatre and Savage Club of Ithaca, through grant funding and in-kind support.

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