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Democrats Republicans   November 7th is election day.  In Lansing that means that three County Legislature seats are to be filled.  In Districts 6, 7, and 8 only one candidate is running.  Deborah Dawson (D) is running in Districts 6 and 7 (Village of Lansing), and Glenn Morey (R)/ is running in District 8 (the eastern portion of North Lansing).  Michael Koplinka-Loehr (D) is challenging incumbent Mike Sigler (R) in districts 1 through 5.  Democrats Joe Wetmore and Walaa Maharem-Horan are challenging incumbent Republicans Robert Cree and Doug Dake for Lansing Town Board seats.

The Lansing Star asks the same questions of all the candidates in contested races.  This allows you to compare the candidates on a level playing field.  The questions are the same for all, but their answers differentiate the candidates.

We did that with each of the Town Board candidates, and you will all the interviews in this week's issue.  For County Legislature we did something different this year: the Lansing Star hosted a debate, and you can see the video by clicking the graphic to the left.  All the interviews plus the debate video will continue to be available through election day.

The ballot also has three proposals.  The first is to authorize a Constitutional Convention to revise and amend the state constitution.  The second allows the complete or partial forfeiture of a public officer's pension if he or she is convicted of a felony.  The third authorizes the use of forest preserve lands  for specific purposes and allow bicycle trails and utility lines on roads that go through public forests.

Dists 1-5 Ballot  Lansing Ballot Dists 6-7  Lansing Ballot Dist 8
Koplinka-Loehr, SiglerMichael Koplinka-Loehr, Mike Sigler (click to see debate video)  
Walaa Maharem-HoranWalaa Maharem-Horan Doug DakeDoug Dake  
Joe WetmoreJoe Wetmore robertcree150Robert Cree  
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