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Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton (D-125AD, Tompkins/Cortland) announced today that she is introducing a bill to clarify that Tompkins County can spend county money on the development, maintenance or management of affordable housing.

"Tompkins County faces a significant affordable housing shortage, and I am glad to sponsor this bill that makes it clear that the county can spend its money on affordable housing projects," Lifton said. "Currently, without this clarification, the county is spending federal money on housing projects, but will be authorized to spend potentially millions more in local money to help relieve our housing crisis if this bill is signed into law."

"With local housing costs increasing significantly, the county requested this legislation to clearly authorize its expenditures on affordable housing, and it's wholly reasonable to grant them this authority for the benefit of our residents who may be priced out of housing in certain parts of Ithaca and surrounding communities," Lifton clarified.

"We need to ensure that Tompkins County remains affordable for families and individuals of all economic backgrounds, and this bill will help make that possible," Lifton added.

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