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swimboys120The Lansing Boys’ Varsity Swim Team placed 2nd in Class C team scoring to Watkins Glen at the Sectionals Swim Meet at Owego Free Academy (OFA) on February 19, 2011.  This event was for Section 4 Class A, Class B, and Class C swim teams.  The results were:  Watkins Glen 440, Lansing 339, Waverly 290, Chenango Forks 272, Chenango Valley 248, Greene 208, Southern Cayuga 127, and Odessa-Montour 71.

Lansing’s Senior swimmer, Clement Towner, placed First Overall against swimmers from Class A, Class B, and Class C schools in two events: the 200 Freestyle and the 100 Freestyle!  Clement was also the final leg of the first place finishing team in the 400 Freestyle Relay for Class C.  This team also included Joe Koch, Kyle Vandepoel, and Ronan Corgel; the team’s time was 3:31.25.

Clement Towner’s winning time in the 200 Freestyle was 1:45.98.  The other Class A finishing times were:  1) Mike Klugo (Horseheads), 1:47.52; 2) Emmett Kotlikoff (Ithaca), 1:48.79; 3) Cal Michaels (Vestal), 1:49.59; 4) Sam Yoon (Vestal), 1:50.35; 5) Will Fisher (Ithaca), 1:55.07; 6) Jake Bowen (Vestal), 1:57.30.

Clement Towner’s winning time in the 100 Freestyle event was 49.17. The other Class A finishing times were:  1) Matt Murphy (Vestal), 49.28; 2) Mike Klugo (Horseheads), 49.40; 3) Emmett Kotlikoff (Ithaca), 49.82, 4) Brandon Sears (Corning), 50.50; 5) Will Fisher (Ithaca), 51.11; 6) Chris Hoskins (Vestal), 52.51.

It is an amazing accomplishment when a Class C swimmer can defeat a Class B swimmer’s time; however, Clement Towner was able to better the times of all Class A, Class B and Class C swimmers in 2 different events!  Clement stated, “I swam fast, but I’ve had better times in the past. . . I definitely hope I’ll improve at States!”  Clement Towner will compete at the New York State Public High School Athletic Association Meet March 4-5, 2011 in East Meadow.  He will compete in the 200 Freestyle and the 500 Freestyle.  Clement is also eligible to compete in the 100 Freestyle.

Another Lansing swimmer, Ronan Corgel, is also eligible to compete at this State Meet.  In the 100 Backstroke, Ronan Corgel placed first for Class C with a State Qualifying time of 55.71.  Ronan's time in this event was faster than most of the Class A swimmers which included the following:  2) Dave Miller (Ithaca), 59.54; 3) John Weachock (Horseheads), 59.86; 4) Austin Thomas (Union-Endicott), 1:00.01; 5) John Rinde (Vestal), 1:00.50; 6) Zach Mulligan (Vestal), 1:02.61.

The Lansing Boys’ Varsity Swim Team had other Class C first place finishes.  In the 500 Freestyle event, Joe Koch placed first with a time of 5:09.32.  Jake Ryan placed 5th in this event with a time of 5:44.43.  Joe Koch's time was faster than the following Class B swimmers:  3) Cody Galusha (Maine-Endwell), 5:10.76; 4) Talon Schroeder (Norwich), 5:13.60; 5) Tom Mastro (Maine-Endwell), 5:22.26; 6), Curtis Woodard (Norwich).

In the 400 Freestyle Relay, the team of Joe Koch, Kyle Vandepoel, Ronan Corgel and Clement Towner placed first with a time of 3:31.25 for Class C.  The other team finishes were: 2) Chenango Forks, 3:33.72; 3) Greene, 3:39.82; 4) Watkins Glen, 3:40.31; 5) Chenango Valley, 3:46.98; 6) Waverly, 3:56.19.  This team’s time was also faster than other Class A teams!  These were Union-Endicott (4th place, Class A), 3:37.79; Corning (5th place, Class A), 3:42.74; Elmira (6th place, Class A), 3:52.71.

The Lansing team had other Class C place finishes:

200-yard Medley Relay (Back, Breast, Fly, Free):  2nd place – 1:46.84
(time was faster than these Class A teams:  4) Elmira, 1:48.94; 5)
Union-Endicott, 1:51.37; 6) Horseheads, 1:51.37).

200 Individual Medley (Back, Breast, Fly, Free):
2nd place:  Ronan Corgel – 2:07.17  (time was faster than these Class
A finishes:  4) Devin Li (Corning), 2:11.55; 5) Kory Meade
(Union-Endicott), 2:12.03; 6) Alexander King (Bing), 2:12.76).
3rd place:  Kyle Vandepoel – 2:19.78

100 Butterfly:
3rd place:  Kyle Vandepoel – 1:02.81

100 Breaststroke:
5th place:  Joe Koch – 1:11.95

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