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bowling_120The Lansing bowling season has come to a close, and a very exciting one it was in many ways. This past weekend one of the senior boys ( Trever Rounds ) went back to Midway lanes in Vestal to see if he could earn a spot on the "All Section IV Boys Team".  Going into this compatition I told Trever he would need to roll about 1300 pins for a six game block and the sixth spot had 1321 total pins.

Trever rolled 636 in the morning block then 635 in the afternoon block to finish 17th overall out of 66 boys in this competion. This was a very fine showing from Trever as he stayed in the top pair of lanes in both sections and kept his cool.

I asked him during the sixth game "Trever you have never been involved in a match like this have you?" and he replied "no".

As I bid farewell to two seniors I'll help them in any way I can as they have scholarship tournaments to bowl in for junior bowling which this past weekend should help out. And I look forward to next season as I'll welcome back a group of students some of them will be with me for four years and others for only a few, but either way we'll do our best for school spirit and pride for Lansing High. Until next year it's been a lot of fun.

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