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baseball1The cold, the rain, and the flooded fields kept most modified baseball teams from starting the season on time but nothing could keep these boys from starting the season off in true Lansing form with two away wins. The team jelled together for an 11 - 5 win over Trumansburg, and then blanked Southern Cayuga 9 - 0. The senior boys are stepping up as leaders and setting the standards, while the younger players are being encouraged, challenged, and guided into their positions. Coach Cheatham is doing a great job at finding positions and playing time for all twenty on the roster, and at the same time ensuring they all have the opportunity to be successful.

For the first battle, Greg Lee, Craig Moster, and Corbin Atkins' strong pitching combined with a solid defense in the field held Trumansburg to only five runs. The Bobcats started the third inning with the top of the order and down by two runs. Brandon Mikula and Lee began the rally each with hard hit singles. Patrick Judd cleared them off with a beast of a double. Answering Judd's challenge, Logan Osterman crushed the ball for a stand up triple. Brandon Davis, Owen Davis, Kyle Arrison, and Nathan Bandler finished off the inning each with player advancing singles. As they say," Get ‘em on, get ‘em over, get ‘em in."

Coach Cheatham emptied the bench with confidence in the younger half of the roster. They confirmed his trust by tacking on four additional runs while holding Trumansburg to two hits and three runs. Lee picked up his first win of the season. It was a very successful outing with teamwork, sportsmanship, and integrity being displayed by both teams.


For their second competition, as the weather improved so did the Bobcats. Osterman picked up his first win of the season by throwing only 53 pitches in four innings. He allowed one hit, one walk, acquired five strike-outs and if not for the Lansing philosophy of developing pitchers, could have continued to pitch several more innings. Jared Strait relieved Osterman, throwing fifteen pitches, allowing one hit, tossing a runner out at first, and tacking on two more K's. Atkins closed by allowing one hit, throwing two out at first, and added three additional K's to the team's book. Ryan Buchanan helped Atkins complete his near perfect two innings by running down and squeezing a long hit pop fly in center for the final out of the game.

On offense the Bobcats played small ball. Mikula went 2 for 2 solidifying his leadoff spot. Dominic Tarrallo also went 2 for 2. Austin Edwards, Grant Sterle, Owen Davis, and Osterman all had singles. Caleb Moseley displayed discipline at the plate and got on base with two walks. Moster, Buchanan, Arrison, Dan Horne, and Peter McTiernan all battled at the plate taking the count full and wearing down the pitchers. By communicating well, and having discipline at the plate and on base, they added their second victory to the book. The teams' next home game is Monday, May 16th at 4:30 pm, vs. Union Springs.


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