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tennisWith four first place finishes the Lansing Tennis Team grabbed the IAC crown for the second year in a row.

Placing in every category the 2011 Lansing tennis team won the championship with a little more breathing room than last year's tight contest. Trumansburg placed second finishing ten points behind with excellent performances by number two singles Alec Bartisevich and their number one doubles team of Van Delden and Swartz.

Additionally the Lansing exhibition squad swept all three categories with first place finishes in each.

Next up Sectionals where Lansing holds up hope of advancing a few players into the regional competition.

IAC Final Team Scores:

1st Place: Lansing- 59 Points

2nd Place: Trumansburg- 49 Points

3rd Place: Southern Cayuga- 29 Points

IAC Individual Results:

#1 Singles:

1st Place: Luke Delucia (END)
2nd Place: Charlie Woodward (Trumansburg)
3rd Place: Keenan Hughes (Lansing)

# 2 Singles:

1st Place: Alec Bartisevich (Trumansburg)
2nd Place: Andy Parkes (Lansing)
3rd Place: Dom Delaney (Union Springs)

#3 Singles:

1st Place: Jonathan Sun (Lansing)
2nd Place: David Puglisi (Trumansburg)
3rd Place: Joe Marshall (Southern Cayuga)

#4 Singles:

1st Place: Nick Zarate (Lansing)
2nd Place: Dakota Marshall (Southern Cayuga)
3rd Place: Caitlin Crossett (Trumansburg)

#1 Doubles:

1st Place: JT Swartz/Kevin Van Delden (Trumansburg)
2nd Place: Thomas Bong/Luke Mehringer (Lansing)
3rd Place: Stephen Giliberti/Hillahn Stieka (Newark Valley)

#2 Doubles:

1st Place: Josh McGiff/Andrew Bertonica (Lansing)
2nd Place: Brandon Setevens/George Murphy (Southern Cayuga)
3rd Place: Brian McCann/Shelby Hallman (Trumansburg)

#3 Doubles:

1st Place: Katie Jordan/Louis Barrette (Lansing)
2nd Place: Nicole Weeks/Susan Durand (Newark Valley)
3rd Place: Paul Kenjerska/Wes Regnier (Trumansburg)

Exhibition Results:

Boys Singles Champion: Woojin Richardson (Lansing)
Runner-Up: Ben Calhoun (Lansing)

Girls Singles Champion: Paige Nichols (Lansing)
Runner-Up: Karina Warkentin (Lansing)

Overall Doubles Champion: Soraya Leathers/Shanna Shaff (Lansing)

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