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sff_offensive_line-dryden120Saturday’s battle between the Lansing Bobcats and the Dryden Purple Lions was, in a word, a nailbiter.  The score was 30-22 with less than 2 seconds on the clock.  Dryden had possession.  The Purple Lion quarterback put one in the air - you could have heard a pin drop as the crowd held their breath and silently watched the pigskin spiral 10 yards into the end zone – and, like a heat-seeking missile, the ball hit one lone Purple Lion in a pack of Bobcat defenders.  The pass was complete.

With no time on the clock and 2 points standing between Lansing and a perfect record, would Dryden make the two-point conversion and tie the game?  Not if the Bobcat defense had anything to do with it.  After the Dryden snap, a sea of blue and gold defenders converged into a dominating goal line stop and sacked the Purple Lion quarterback.  The Lansing Bobcats won the game with a final score of 30-28.

The back and forth action on the Dryden gridiron began just 5 minutes into the game when Lansing quarterback Eric Eastman handed off to running back Colin McClure who took the ball in 55 yards for 6.  The Purple Lions fought back, got on the board, and took the lead with a touchdown and successful 2-point conversion.  The score was 6-8 at the end of the first quarter.

At the height of the second quarter, Eastman handed off to back Joe Miller-Labar who ran the ball 65 yards with 10 to go.  Eastman, running a quarterback keeper, crossed the goal line for a touchdown and backed it up with a 2-point conversion kick.  The Lansing defense held the Dryden offense and kept them from scoring the entire second quarter.  The score was 14-8 at the half.

sff_eastman-battinhandoff-drydenLansing Quarterback Eric Eastman (#11), hands off to running back Michael Battin (#85)

At the second half, Dryden took the field fired up making a touchdown and a successful two-point conversion to take back the lead.  The score was 14-16.  Lansing retaliated when Eastman, handed off to Miller-Labar, who broke a tackle and ran 50 yards for a touchdown.  Eastman made a 2-point conversion kick.  The score was 22-16 at the end of the third quarter.

Dryden continued their offensive attack when they made a touchdown minutes into the third quarter.  This time, however, Lansing blocked their extra point attempt.  The score was tied 22 all.  With 2:45 on the clock, Jesse Richardson capped off a successful Bobcat drive with a 30-yard touchdown and Eastman made a 2-point conversion kick.

sff_richardson-drydenLansing Running back Jesse Richardson (#24) runs 30 yards for a touchdown

With less than 2 seconds on the clock, the Dryden quarterback put one in the air and hit a Purple Lion receiver as the clock ran out.  Miller-Labar and Richardson made a game-saving sack, preventing Dryden from tying the game.  In the end, the Lansing Bobcats were victorious and celebrated a hard-fought final score of 30-28.

“The boys are doing great. We are very proud of their efforts. They have all grown tremendously over the last seven weeks. Their commitment is stronger; their effort is greater,” said Coach Eastman.  “They performed well under some pretty intense pressure at Dryden’s game on Saturday.”

The Lansing Bobcats (4-0) will attempt to add another win to their record when they take on the Groton Indians on Saturday, October 15 at 3pm in Groton.

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