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bowling_120Odessa came to Helen Newman last week to bowl the Lansing Bobcats and tonight the Bobcats where ready for them. Both of Lansing's teams took all 4 points as the boys started to show what they are made of, as Branbon Emerick 235 - 618 lead the way with fellow senior troy Hradisky's 246 - 606 right behind and then followed by Thomas Bong's 510 series.

OM bright spot on the boys side was Aaron Fisher's 217 - 539 & Phil Humphries's 485 series. Now on the girls side the Lady Cats were paced by Gianna gentile's 434 and Nicole  Davis's 410 series as OM's Jordan Little was there pace setter with a 323.

Lansing traveled to Elmira Heights Tuesday to Bowl at Rossi Lanes and face Elmira Notra  Dame in a key match up. The Lady cats bowled very well taking all four points. Nicole Davis led all the girls with a 165 - 434 followed close by Gianna Gentile's 152 - 433 with Melissa Seymore's 417 & Venesa Corey's 412 the lansing girls had a pretty balanced attack tonight.

Elmira's Abigail Carr 433 series and Cassie berry's 406 led the way for their girls.

On the boys side of the lanes the Lansing boys struggled in the first game and lost by 48 pins only to come back and take the next two games and win 3 out of the 4 points.  Joel Teitelbaum led Lansing's attack with a fine 619 series, followed by Brandon Emerick's 234 - 615 and then troy Hradisky's 560 series, which they needed as Joel Seidman led the way for all scorers as he rolled 268 - 689 and was followed up by Alex Sherman's 608 series.

All in all it was a great match as the boys games seemed to come right down to the 10th frame in all three games.

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