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bowling_120The Lansing Bobcats traveled to Cardinal Lanes December 20 in Newark Valley for a key match between in the Large division of the IAC.  What a match it turned out to be!  You could say it was a shoot out, as the Lansing Boys came out with a first game of 940 to Newark Valley's 905.

The fireworks started as Brandon Emerick for Lansing started string strikes, as did Derek Fenn for Newark Valley. As both boys where rolling strikes thoughout this game Derek rolls a 279 to Brandon's 278, Troy Hradisky for Lansing rolls 207 as does Dustin Shoemaker for Newark Valley as Lansing wins the nail bitter 1015 to 990. Then Lansing went on to win the last game 998 to 960, what a match this was as nothing was decided until the last ball was rolled.

High scores : Lansing Brandon Emerick - 708, Joel Teitelbaum - 627, Troy Hradisky - 603, Newark Valley Derek Fenn 706, Dustin Shoemaker 654, David Clark 563.

On the other side of the lanes the Newark Valley girls took all 4 points but won the first game by only 3 pins, as Newark valley's Kristen Chase 234 - 631 led all the girls.  She was followed by Kaiel Fenn's 208 - 566.  The Lansing girls continued to roll over 2000 as there high bowlers were Venesa Corey's 434, Nicole Davis 429 & Melissa Seymore's 414.

After the break, the Newark Valley Cardinals came to Helen Newman January 3 to Bowl the Lansing Bobcats in a key match of the IAC Large School Division and what a match it was, as both teams had been off from the long Holiday break and both were a little rusty, to say the least.

We'll talk about the girls first as Lansing mixed up their line-up to see if they could get some results, and what they got was Krisha Lee bowling in the top six for the first time this year.  Lee came though with a fine 166 - 444 series, followed by Vanesa Corey's 443 and Nicole Davis's 433 And Ashley Saban's 407.

Lansing won the first game by 39 pins and took the second by 1 pin ( as I try very hard to stress that every pin counts) on there way to taking all 4 points.

On the Cardinal side Kristen Chase  the leagues leading high average bowlers worked the lanes for a 566 series, and was followed by Kalei Fenn's 458 series.

On the Boys side of the game Lansing starts out taking the first game and then had a let down losing the second by 4 pins, and came back to take the third game and total for 3 out of the 4 points. troy Hradisky lead all bowlers with a 216 - 596 series, followed by Joel Teitelbaum's 212 - 583 and Brandon Emerick's 543 series , as the Cardinals were paced by Dustin Shoemaker's 591 followed by Derik Fenn's 509. Lansing travels to Watkins Glen for another key match in the IAC Large School Division.

The Bobcats went to Watkins Glen to bowl at Johnnie's Lanes Wednesday and as the house can handle you it did for the Lansing Girls, as they lost all 4 points to second place Watkins Glen.

The bright spot of the match was the third game as Nicole Davis of Lansing  has a 5 bagger and finishes with a 208 game and high series of 478 which lead all the girls bowling. Watkins Glen's Erika Rhodes 473, Samatha Bradley 463 & Danielle Teed 's 450 paced them.

On the boys side the Lansing boys worked the first game to win by 8 pins and the third game to win by 7 pins on there way to taking all 4 points. Senior Troy Hradisky lead all scores with a 222 - 612 series followed by fellow senior Brandon Emerick's 215 - 584 and Joel Teitelbaum's 573.  Watkins high rollers were Chris Flood's 215 - 598 7 Austin LaFever's 514 series.

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