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bowling_120The Lansing Bobcats traveled to Groton to bowl Tuesday night.  The Lansing Boys did what they have been doing for most of the season: they won the match but it wasn't pretty.

Lansing's Brandon Emerick led all bowlers with a 207 - 606 series  and was followed up by fellow senior Troy Hradisky's 561 series and then came seventh grader Cole Quigley who has been there all season but today was a great day for him as he rolls a 204 -550 series and then Brandon Mikula rolls in a 523, so the scores weren't as high as they might have been but it's the results that count as the Lansing boys take all 4 points.

Groton's bright spot of the match was Jason Adams, who rolled a 212 - 536 series.

On the Girls side things were a little different.  Going into the match it depended on just which Lansing girls team showed up.  The Lansing girls took the first game by about 60 pins only to come back and lose the second game by 90 pins, which set up a close match for the third game but Lansing came out on the short end by 17 pins so the Groton girls took 3 out of the 4 points.

Groton was led by Samantha who rolled a 203 - 528 series followed by Alexa Baker's 434 and Ashley Parr's 402. Lansing had it's chances as Gianna Gentile rolled a 171 - 442 followed by Vanesa Corey's 170 - 426 and Nicole Davis's 418.

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