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Lansing Athletic Director Adam Heck reported on the state of athletics at Monday's Board Of Education Meeting.  The board is reviewing all school programs while making budget decisions.  Six Lansing Athletes will be competing in the State Championships this weekend.  Last week William Koll won the Division II Wrestling State Championship and Connor Lapresi was a runner-up.

Heck reported on Lansing's achievements during te winter season.  Bowling had 23 participants under Coach Lee Christopher.  Five bowlers had their best PRs in the last half of the season.

"Our Boy's Basketball team lost a heart breaker Saturday night," Heck reported.  "We had three to win at the buzzer in a pretty hostile gym at Notre Dame.  We finished 15 and 5, which was a wonderful record.  We had 13 varsity players, 14 JV players, and 20 modified players -- good numbers."

Lansing's Varsity Girl's Basketball team became IAC Division Champions.  Heck says there were only eight players on the team led by Coach Stuart Dean.  Coach Andrea Huskey had 12 players on the JV team, and there were 12 on the modified team.

"There is a little concern with our numbers in the Girl's Basketball program," Heck said.  "That's seventh and eight grades combined and we had six on a team.  They got a lot of playing time.  Coach (James) Saroka is coaching both of those teams."

The Boy's Swimming team had 20 participants that became the IAC Section 4 Champions under Coach Reed Dewey.  Ronan Corgel and Joe Koch will compete at States this weekend.

The Boy's and Girl's Indoor Track team had more than 25 participants this season under Coach Joe Cogan and Ronan Cordial.  Ben Eisenhut, Dylan Bland, Max Jordan and Haley Wigsten will compete at States.

The Varsity Wrestling team had eight athletes under coach Joe Cogan and Ronan CordialKris Harrington this season.  William Koll became Division II State Champion.  Last year's State Champion Connor Lapresi lost to three-time State Champion Nick Tighe to become a runner up.  Lapresi received a full wrestling scholarship to Bucknell University.

Colin Geer coached 12 athletes on the modified team this year.  Wednesday they held their first home match in years.

"Our young coaching staff has done a great job of getting our wrestling program back," Heck said.  "We haven't had modified wrestling in a couple of years.  The numbers are up.  I appreciate and I know the kids appreciate the support to get it back, because these kids need it.  They're doing a great job."

Alumna Lindsay Dean will be inducted in the Section 4 New York State Hall of Fame tomorrow.  Ellington Hopkins received the Van Sickle Award for Top Male Athlete in 2012.  Hopkins played on last year's basketball team, state champion baseball team, and state runner-up soccer team.  Coach Stuart Dean was awarded the Van Sickle Award for 2012 Coach of the Year.

"That's extremely exciting for our district," Heck said.  "A Lansing Alumnus, Kyle Dake, won another Van Sickle award.  We're extremely proud of not only our coaches, but our athletes."

Heck also mentioned that Fall Sports All-State Academic Awards were earned by the Boy's Soccer team, Girl's Swim, Girl's Soccer, Boy's & Girl's Cross Country, and Football. 

Awards Night for the Winter season teams is March 5th at 7pm in the High School Gym.

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